Community leadership

Role of community: To amplify and privilege the voice of community, we co-create our programs with First Nation, Inuit and Metis Peoples. For example, we have established reference groups to support the design and implementation of each program in a way that is relevant and responsive to community. This includes collaborating with community members to ensure the programs are based in the needs, priorities, contexts and lived experiences of the innovators, entrepreneurs and communities we aim to support.

Montreal Youth

Indigenous Innovation Council: To ensure we can meet the needs of the innovators, entrepreneurs and communities we aim to support, our initiative is deeply rooted in Indigenous values and wisdom and is built on a foundation of Indigenous ways of knowing and being. To do this right, we draw on the guidance of our Indigenous Innovation Council which is made up of remarkable First Nation, Inuit and Metis leaders, Elders and Knowledge Keepers with a strong commitment to community engagement and co-creation, and with expertise in innovation, impact investing and entrepreneurship.

                             Wendy Phillips   Diane   Karri-Lynn

                             Nadine   Killu   Nathalie

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